GHF started this program by knowing the following reality:

  • After-school programs keep children, especially girls safe and protect them from negative and unsafe behaviors. 
  • Improves personality and maturity 
  • After school programs have an impressive influence on preventing these girls from experimenting with drugs and other deviant behavior. This is simply because students are enjoying a productive activity and are being supervised during their attendance in the after school program.

Programs and tutoring keep children away from trouble


High-risk teen girls conduct transpires most often after school. This is a time when these girls are out of school and parents or guardians are still working. Unwatched and on their own, girls can get involved in a number of activities that may not be appropriate, or even participate in activities that can actually be very dangerous. That's when bad things can happen ... in an instant ... unexpected.

  • Provides supervision for parents who cannot regularly be with their offspring

  • GHF want to create real 'community school' that serve the entire community through these girls

  • Giving the opportunity for creative activity i.e. writings, poem, speech, drawing, singing etc. 

  • Provide activities that support socialization with peers.

  • GHF aims to support and complement classroom learning by emphasizing social, emotional and physical development for these girls. 

  • Help working parents who are poor of the poorest.

Having said these, after school program is running for:

  • Prevent from crime, drugs & exploitation/trafficking.

  • Social-emotional development i.e. self-esteem, initiative, leadership skills etc.

  • Better education performance for girls to provide equal opportunity 


Earlier Global Fund for Children has provided funds to cover the part of this program but now they are unable to fund for this program due to their own reasons. So, GHF is looking for Partnership for this program to run smoothly.