Tens of thousands if not more, young Nepali women are being sexually exploited across Nepal in cabin restaurants, dance bars, brothels and on the streets. In India and abroad hundreds of thousands of young Nepali women (if not more) are being sexually exploited and held against their will.

It is very difficult to help these women while they are being held captive however someday all of them will be kicked out, forced to leave or will escape their captors. At this time it is critical that these women are immediately given a place to begin the long healing process. It is critical that they are given every kind of support service necessary to recover and start a new life.

Gentle Heart Foundation aims to provide a way out for young women that are able to escape the sex trade and offer them a viable solution for their recovery and sustainability.

GHF has adopted the SA Foundation Program Model for "Recovery Base Programs" . The SA Foundation is Christian based program widely recognized as one of the few programs worldwide meeting the specific needs of sexually exploited/trafficked women with or without children. The SA Foundation Program Model has been replicated in Canada, the U.S, Asia and Europe.

The SAF is providing funding for this program.