Gentle Heart Foundation always aims on providing special care for the orphaned, underprivileged and vulnerable children of Nepal. GHF started a Home in 2002 to provide the family environment for the children and is presently located in a rented 10-room house in Kathmandu, Nepal. The 18 sons and daughters and the youngest is 6 years old and are all enrolled in English-medium schools. We also have 10 others who have moved on to independence and are now in further education or employment.

We give the utmost attention to developing these children holistically to help them grow into well-rounded and independent adults. Hence, we keep close tabs on their schoolwork and have prep-times daily. The children are encouraged to participate actively in extra-curricular activities, and have responsibilities around the house proportionate to their maturity. We also have time set aside every morning and evening for personal and corporate prayer and bible study.

We are getting many request to help the children who are in desperate need, living without family and looking for someone's care and love, by knowing the utmost need of such children, we strongly feel the need of another Home where we can help in better way by keeping smaller in numbers. So, we are praying for the needed resources for setting up and running the two different Homes !

GHF is looking for Partnership for this program to run smoothly.

Our Family

Shova & Arjun

Shova and Arjun