Gentle Heart is presently supported mainly by Arjun's personal income from his 7-to-7 job, as well as sporadic contributions by our friends- both in cash and kind. For this reason, out most crucial need at the moment is a regular inflow of finances to allow Arjun to devote more of his time to fathering the children at GH Children's Home and realising The Big Picture. The following are some ways you can play your part:

Sponsor a child or children

Due to the increase cost of daily commodities, paying house rent, providing proper accommodation, hygienic food, good education, medication, clothing etc. for children at Gentle Heart Children's Home is very challenging for us. So we desperately need the regular Sponsor, if you want to the cost breakdown, please let us know and we will give you the details and needed information.

What you will get:

- 3 Personal updates

A report will be emailed to you at the end of each term,providing the latest photograph and updates on your child's progress,

- 1 General ReportThis will summarise updates and give an overview of the GH Children's Home and other GHF efforts

Sponsor a child or children now

You have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children of Nepal today !

Give a donation

You can make a one-off contribution in any of the following ways:


If you are willing to support this ministry financially, please email us atghchnepal@mail.com.np and contact us via email for our banking information

In Kind

We welcome donations of books, clothes toys and similar gifts. If you wish to contribute in this way, please email us at ghchnepal@mail.com.np


Although we do not run any structured volunteering schemes, we would be happy to have you come over and help out at our home. There are loads of ways to help, from tutoring schoolwork and teaching music lessons to washing up and helping put the kids to bed. Please email us at ghchnepal@mail.com.np if you are interested !


For the children, the other family members, the scholarship students, our plans and most importantly, for the many suffering children in Nepal.

Spread the word

This is perhaps the easiest way to help, but it's also highly important. Let your friends know, by word of mouth, or by any means !