The Gentle Heart Foundation was born out of a heart of compassion for orphaned
children of Nepal and the personal experience of the founder. The founder says that the
service should originate from the heart and be implemented by the hands; this is how the
name Gentle Heart Foundation came to be! The mission has been in operation since
2002. The Foundation is dedicated for the betterment of orphaned & vulnerable
children, high-risk women & communities.

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Our children are having their final examinations, they are doing well so far. Their new session will begin from the 3rd week of April, 2018. Please pray for their exams, good result and preparation for their new sessions.

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GHF recently provided snacks & hygiene kits for 158 children who are living in miserable condition. One of the guardians of these children said, 'We were not able to provide educational stuff to our children because it is even hard for us to survive but GHF is helping our children by providing stationery, snacks, clothes, hygiene kits as well as meeting other urgent need which encourage our children to go to school; GHF is standing with us to see the transformation of our life.'

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It's such a joy to celebrate the birthday of Norbu. He is so excited on celebrating his birthday. It's the time of good fellowship and everyone seem so happy and expressed birthday wishes to him. He is studying in grade 4 and doing well on his study. He is such a kind boy !

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