Girls and women graduated from the tailoring school. Due to the poverty and unavailability of employment services, Nepal is marked as a highly risked country for girls and women. Thousands of them are already sold in local sex trade markets and in the abroad. The chain of the human trafficking agents is being stronger day by day. Many times, some political and other support keeps the law under the agents. Many organizations including the GHF are working hard to eliminate this social problem which is totally against the humanity. Girls and women choose the option to work in the cities or in the abroad instead of living poor life in their own village. They want to leave their village just because they want to work, earn and support their family. Knowing this situation, the GHF has been conducting skill development trainings in many locations over the last few years. 20 girls and women are recently graduated from the 6 months tailoring school in Chitwan Nepal. Gentle Heart Foundation, a nonprofit social based organization conducted this training to strengthen girls and women financially. Gentle Heart Foundation hopes that the graduates will be able to earn and support their family as they have got an income generating skill now. Mr. Ramhari Nyaupane, Social development officer of District Development Committee Chitwan was the chief guest of the graduation program. He thanks the GHF for working in the needed community. He praised the GHF for its transparent works. All the graduates are excited gaining this skill and are planning to start their own tailoring shop or sewing and cutting job.