Prevention & empowerment program focuses on educating and empowering women to resist a life of sexual exploitation. Programs focus on educational initiatives and income generating projects to provide economic alternatives to going abroad for work which often leads to forced prostitution. Prevention programs also work to educate and empower communities.

We are so excited to see the high impact of prevention programs. The graduation ceremony of the sewing & cutting program went very well on April 12, 2017. It was great to see all the 32 participants who joined for the training has graduated from the program. The Chief Guest, Social Development Officer, Mr. Ram Hari Neupane from District Development Committee which is now called District Coordination Office, Chitwan said, ‘I would like to congratulate all the graduates. This is the great opportunity for you to get free job skill training and gift of a sewing machine which is beneficial to generate income from your home. Many organizations spent their fund on meetings & planning but this organization has spent all the fund to uplift the lifestyle of the general public, especially for the high-risk communities by investing for such needed job skill training. I am happy to see the successful result of this training. The organization has been working in a good & transparent way for the betterment of marginalized communities. I would like to appreciate for Mr. Arjun Dhakal for his tireless effort on making the difference in the communities and preventing innocent life from being lured by the traffickers.

One of the participants, S. R. shared with us: 'I wanted to have job skill training but due to the financial & family background, my dream didn't come into reality and tried my best to get but that had never happened in my life. I have heard that many women went abroad for sake of job and were in miserable condition and they forced to sell their body which made me cry but at the right time, I would say in the middle of the frustration, I heard Gentle Heart Foundation is planning to start the job skill training to empower the high-risk women like me, I was so excited and finally I am selected to get such valued training which can help us learn skills as well as help to earn in our own community by utilizing the skills. So, now my dream has come into reality and I don't need to depend on someone else. I am very thankful with GHF for providing needed training for my future.'