Gentle Heart Children Home - Family Photo
Children celebrating Children's day 2019
Many children are expressing their happiness as they got the privileged for their study
"To help the Orphaned, underprivileged and destitute children of Nepal as well as high risk girls & sexually exploited women in their need and help them to feel the fullness of life." We aim to care the rejected, be a family for the orphan, help the helpless, provide home for the homeless, giving hope to the hopeless, and meet the basic needs of needy children & exploited women for their better living.

The Birth of Gentle Heart Foundation

Gentle Heart Foundation is a non profit, non govermental organization in Nepal which was born out of a sense of God’s heart for orphaned children of Nepal and the personal experience of the founder. Founder of the Foundation says, "The service should be originated from the heart and implemented by hands", this is how the name was given as Gentle Heart Foundation. He took in his first child in 2002 and after marriage in 2003 they had three boys living in their new apartment. Support for the needs of the children comes to the Foundation by their own work and gifts of friends. Today they have rented an 8 room home that provides space for 18 children. 6 others have gone on to work or further schooling. In 2009 the work expanded to children whose families are trapped by poverty, disability and/or exploitation. In 2015 it expanded further to include exploited and high risk women of Nepal.

What We Do

GHF is helping the Orphaned, underprivileged & destitute children and high risk & exploited women by providing them loving and family environment which enable them for their better future.

Children's Home

Currently as our main project, this orphanage was set up in 2002 and is presently located in a rented 10-room house in Kathmandu, Nepal. The 17 sons and daughters we currently house are between 4 and 16 years old, and are all enrolled in English-medium schools. We also have 6 others who have moved on to independence and are now in further education or employment.
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We give grants for children to attend local schools. Fees are paid directly to the schools, and other needs such as uniform and stationery are provided in kind. This way, we avoid the potential problem of parents misusing funds.We presently support 125 children who are in desperate need of education help in different parts of Nepal, and visit them at the end of every term to keep tabs on their progress.
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Trafficking Awareness Campaigns

This is especially needed in remote areas, where similar efforts by other social workers are minimal or non-existent. Our campaign structure will include working with local governments at the village and regional levels to spread information about the deceptive practices of traffickers. In addition, we are exploring the possibility of working with networks of churches.
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Recovery Programs

Tens of thousands if not more, young Nepali women are being sexually exploited across Nepal in cabin restaurants, dance bars, brothels and on the streets. In India and abroad hundreds of thousands of young Nepali women (if not more) are being sexually exploited and held against their will.
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